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    Define printer in -z parameter of datafiles

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      I am using Adobe Central Output Server 5.6 on a Windows system. The job-definition in my data-files look like this:


      This works ok. The SHIPPING-job is executed within Central and a form is printed.

      However, I would like to define the printer in the data files, like this:


      The 'HP' printer exists on the server where Central is running. However, for some reason the following error is generated (see below). It seems that the job is not executed, instead a default job is executed that tries to match the job-name to an mdf-file with the same name on a default location. Why is this?

      [6]Error opening .MDF file 'SHIPPING.mdf'.
      2006/04/11 12:32:28 C:\Program Files\Adobe\Central\Bin\jfserver.exe: [306]Processing file 'S115.dat', '^JOB SHIPPING -AFXON -AXPSON -C1 -zHP'.
      2006/04/11 12:32:28 C:\Program Files\Adobe\Central\Bin\jfserver.exe: [307]Launching task '"C:\Program Files\Adobe\Central\Bin\jfmerge" "SHIPPING" "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Central\Server\Data\S115.dat" -axml -l -apr"" -all"C:\Program Files\Adobe\Central\Server\jfserver.log" -asl1 -amq0 -ams"" -m -z"HP" -AFXON -AXPSON -C1 -aii"C:\Program Files\Adobe\Central\Server\jfmerge.ini"'.
      2006/04/11 12:32:28 C:\Program Files\Adobe\Central\Bin\jfmerge: [125]* Processing data file: 'C:\Program Files\Adobe\Central\Server\Data\S115.dat'.
      2006/04/11 12:32:28 C:\Program Files\Adobe\Central\Bin\jfmerge: [6]Error opening .MDF file 'SHIPPING.mdf'.
      2006/04/11 12:32:28 C:\Program Files\Adobe\Central\Bin\jfmerge: [210]Nothing was printed.
      2006/04/11 12:32:28 C:\Program Files\Adobe\Central\Bin\jfserver.exe: [314]Agent exit message: [6]Error opening .MDF file 'SHIPPING.mdf'.