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    Changing field data between forms

      I am using the ^global data commands to print on multiple forms (from a 3rd party) in a data stream. I would like to change one field to a different value between forms (ie. member copy, credit union copy, file copy). I'm new at the Adobe Central Output Server thing so I have tried everything I know to get this to work. Help !!
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          I've got the same desire, but using a transparent overlay to show "File Copy", etc. I've pursued this a bit with my support people but what they supplied as an example is using some advanced techniques that my workload doesn't let me pursue at this time (JFMain page, subforms, conditional logic in iFormat).

          Have you tried making that changable field a local variable and then placing the desired value in the appropriate places in the job?

          We define everything as global and then at the end of the job we list the forms to be printed, duplicating them if needed. You might get what you want if you placed the local variable in the proper location between the form commands.
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            What is a local variable ? Is it a ^define command ?
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              Sorry, I should not have used the word "variable". There are two types of fields: Global and not global; I used the term "local" for a non-global field.

              When defining fields on the form you select the Global property or not. Within the DAT file a global value is prefixed with "^global FIELDNAME" while a 'local' field value is prefixed with "^field FIELDNAME".

              Our print jobs look like the following (without the ^field entries that I've added to demonstrate what I suggested to try). Never having used non-global fields I don't know if they go before or after their associated ^FORM command. (note: there are some errors in the formatting: ^global isn't really at the end of the ^job statement; only one blank line after "second_issuance_box"; the data for IMAGING_Barcode_09_290 is actually on the next line).

              >^job PF -zEVR-DP65 -aspDP65PCL -apfon -afxon -aapon -apg3/999
              ^global FH_total_arrears
              ^global IMAGING_Barcode_09_857
              ^global first_issuance_box
              ^global second_issuance_box

              >^global IMAGING_Barcode_09_290
              ^global NCP_USPS_Postnet_BarCode
              ^FORM _base_page.mdf
              ^FORM f-18-592-v1r1.mdf
              ^FORM f-09-857-v1r3.mdf
              ^FIELD Copy
              Member copy
              ^FORM f-09-290-v1r1.mdf
              ^FORM f-18-483-v1r0.mdf
              ^FORM sep-pg.mdf
              ^FORM f-09-887-v1r1.mdf
              ^FORM f-09-857-v1r3.mdf
              ^FIELD Copy
              File Copy
              ^FORM _last_page.mdf