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    Configure Central Print Processor

      I'm running Adobe Central Output Server 5.6 on a Windows 2003 machine. I configured a 'central print processor' as described in the 'getting started guide' (page 19). I did the following:

      * create a new Generic/Text only printer on the server
      * this printer connects to my Adobe Central queue (\\.\pipe\jetform\SERVER)

      Field-nominated files that are spooled to this 'virtual' printer arrive in Central fine: I can 'see' them in the log-files. However, the data-files are not processed correctly. It seems that a 'form feed' control character is addded in the datastream every 48 lines. Is it possible that this 'form feed' character is added by the virtual printer driver? I've already set the page type of this printer to continuous, but that didn't fix the problem.

      Any ideas? Things that I have to keep in mind when defining a virtual printer?
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          I have no direct suggestion since I've never used a virtual printer and the pipe feature. We drop our field-nominated .DAT files directly into a folder on the server (via FTP or file copy) that is watched by Central (the "transaction files" setup). The printed output (from JFMERGE) is then directed to a printer defined on the Central server or another server that is defined as a "generic text-only" printer that goes directly to a stand-alone printer via TCP/IP port. In general, we print true & simple "forms" that have boilerplate text that gets data merged into fields. We have a few reports that have multiple pages of detail lines but they overflow appropriately.

          If you are doing multiple detail line "reports" that have enough detail to span pages I would suggest you check out the Output Designer setup for the reports. That might be what is forcing the page breaks.

          If you use complex forms, with repeating sub-forms, the Output Designer setup may be what is forcing the page breaks.

          Good luck.
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            Do you LPD the data file to virtual printer? If you do, you must enable Simulate Pass Through. Otherwise, the LPD apply form size control (form length and width) to the data.
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              Problem has been solved.

              The 'form feed' characters were caused by a bug in the SAP system that generates the data files. In other words: the data files were corrupt, there was nothing wrong with the Adobe setup.

              Thanks for your help Tom & Tim.