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    JMD issues

      Questions needed to be answer based on JMD using Adobe Central Output Server version 5.5

      1)Is there a limit for the numbers of JOBS or TASKS to be created?
      Cos currently inside my JMD there are quite alot of jobs and tasks and
      i found out that some of the jobs after reloaded have all its assigned
      tasks missing althought it existed inside the physical <<jfserver.jmd>>
      I tried reducing the number of jobs > reload JMD > check back to the
      previous jobs with missing tasks > everything is back to normal the
      missing tasks appeared now.

      (I modified the Job line inside the <<jfserver.jmd>> file instead
      of inside the Central)

      2)I have made use of the <<jfctrl00.msg>> method to reload my JMD, it does
      indicate in the log but physically the JMD isn't reloaded
      Please do give some advise on this.

      Thanks alot
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          I don't know what the limitations may be. Currently we have

          67 Jobs
          48 Tasks
          97 Printers

          defined, with more to come. I do my mods using Central Control but then distribute the JMD to our 11 production servers via the (DOS) COPY statement; then a file is copied to the CONTROL folder to cause Central to reload it.

          So far, I've never experienced what you are describing. Is this a common problem with you or did it start after the last time you physically changed the JMD file? If it just started there may be some mistake or weird character that you inserted that is causing the problem.
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            Thanks for posting
            Mine Jobs are easily more than yours
            This happened when i added a big list of jobs into the JMD and its mine first time reaching such so many jobs.
            Checked the jobs with the problem, nothing is wrong
            Because when i reduced a potion of the jobs the problem is resolved so i am thinking whether is there a limit.
            But thanks again for answering