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    Change name of Central Instance

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      Is it possible to change the name of a Central instance? I have created a number of instances on our production machines, but the installation program only allows me to enter a description for an instance. The names of the instances are currently SERVER, SERVER1, SERVER2, etc ...

      I already tried to change this in the JFSERVER.ini file:


      But this didn't fix the problem.
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          By default, the name of the instances is also the physical folder name that is the root for the instance. This is buried in the "Central\Control\Install.ini" file, the "jfserver.ini" file for each of the instances, and probably other places. It might be possible to find all the locations in the various files (& perhaps Registry entries) where it is referenced but I doubt if it is worth it.

          What I ended up doing was to not worry about the physical folder name and just changed the "WindowTitle" value in each instance's jfserver.ini file. This allows you to customize what shows in the drop down list when selecting an instance as well as what is in the Central Control window title bar for the instance.

          Are you sure that the installation process doesn't allow you to specify the name when it is doing the installation? It has been a few months since I did my last install but I seem to recall that the name could be specified.
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            The name of the instanace can be specified during the installation process... the intaller asks for the folder to be used... it then uses the folder name as the instance name.