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    Problem while sending output to a printer


      I am trying to send an output to a remote printer (on the same LAN)
      I have the remote printer configured on my machine, and while adding a new printer in Central's printer database, I am specifying the IP address of the printer in the physical device section. (i.e. \\192.168.*.*)
      In my job file, I tried giving options: -z"Printer Name", -z"Printer ID" and even removed -z option to achieve the default printing specified on my job, which is a print to the remote printer.
      But the printing is not taking place.

      Can sombody please guide me with regards to what is the correct approach in sending print to a remote printer (I am aware of the printer IP and port). What exact options do I need to specify in printer/job database and in the job file?

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          The -z option would normally refer to the "logical printer" name that is within the Job Management Database, Printers definition section (-zAcctPrt). Whether the actual print queue is defined on the server where Central is running or on another server the format for this entry is the same:

          b \\ServerName\QueName

          Then the Windows printer setup would be using the TCP/IP port for the printer. I don't have the exact instructions in front of me but setting up a print queue for Central is something like:

          Select "local printer"

          Select "create a new port"

          Select "Standard TCP/IP Port"

          Type in the IP # for the printer & change port name as desired

          Device Type of "Standard" and "Generic Network Card" should work

          For printer driver, Select Generic manufacturer & Generic/Text Only for the printer type (this works when using Print Agent targets because all printer control information is embedded within the print file.

          Give it a name of your choice.

          Print a test page to see if it works.

          In the above example of a logical printer definiation, the name given the new print queue would be used.

          b * * * All samples/instructions based on a Microsoft Windows Server 2000 system * * *