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    Printing two sub-forms by the side of each other

      Hi there,

      How do we print two sub-forms by the side of each other, like below:

      Order Note: Shipment Note:
      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

      where Order Note is a header subform, four lines below it belong to detail subform. Shipment Note is a header subform and two lines below it belong to its detail subform.


      How do we print something below:

      Order Note: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
      Where Order Note is a fixed text in a header subform.
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          Can anyone help? I guess this situation would have come to some of you. Please help.
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            Hi Bharathan,

            I am facing a similar issue. Although I haven't got it working yet, there is a way to get a subform ( A ) next to another subform ( B ). Add a field "$POSITION" to subform A and position it at the start of the B. Position subform B completely to the left of the page (vertical location can be anything).

            When you call A and then B you will see that B is printed at your $POSITION field, thus next to subform A.

            The problem is that this is the horizontal starting point of all subforms that follow. You cannot reset a position, nor can you add a new $POSITION field to B as it will be relative to the first $POSITION anyway.

            What I see in other examples is that they store the current position just before calling A using the preamble. After calling B it loads that position. I don't know how exactly though.

            Hope it helps. Please let us (the forum) know how you got it working.

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              Can you please send me your email address as this is a very simple process that I have managed.

              However there are some issues here, like you can not have any of the subforms going over the page, as there is currently no printer on the market that has the function 'can I have the page that I have just printed back please'.

              As Central is single tasking it reads only one data file at a time and this then reads only one line at a time so you can only print in one subform at a time.

              Andrew Purdy
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                I use a different approach. I use several transformation tasks to extract each portion of what I want to print on the page as a header.

                For example I have a Order, where I want to print Customer in one box, then supplier on another box (side by side) and Carrier on a third box. All three boxes are side by side on top of the page.

                I have 2 (or 3 or 4) transformation tasks to extract each data. Of course if one task can extract more data it's ok. I extract those data as global.

                I created a preamble file which has a command "^file JFServer.tfX", where "X" is the letter you use in your job definition for each transformation task. This let you include the extracted data.

                So, if you prepared file A and B, for example, you'll need a preamble like this:
                ^file JFServer.TFA
                ^file JFServer.TFB

                This way you'll have all the needed data as headers from the beginning. Of course in the template I have just ONE form (the global page layout, apart from the details) which includes all the headers and trailers. Only details are defined with another subform which I'm not explaining here.

                I think this approach is very helpful. The trick is to use many transformation tasks and then combine the extracted data together later on, with the preamble file at merge time.

                Best Regards.
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                  The same issue was posted in Output Desinger forum. Please check there.
                  It has also been resloved and implemented successfully.