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    UnKnown error found

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      Hi all
      Does anyone know what will cause the following error message in central?
      [22]This document has no data fields to merge this data file into.
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          I've not seen that message but I would think that a literal interpretation might give you a clue.

          Perhaps you are defining some field statements in the DAT file that occur immediately after calling forth a form that has no fields defined on it.

          Let's say that FORMB is just some instructions or legaleze without any fields defined. I wouldn't be surprised to see that message in the log file if the DAT file was something like:

          ^form FORMA.MDF
          ^field field-a
          ^field field-b
          ^form FORMB.MDF
          ^field field-c

          In the above sample, since FORMB doesn't have any fields defined, Central would have no place to put the data associated with "field-c".

          If this isn't the case then I haven't a clue why it is happening.