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    View at 150%

      Years ago on this forum tips were shared on how to enlarge a view to 150%. The subject doesn't show up in a search of the archives. Anyone recall how to achieve this view? I'm using PM 7 in Classic Mode on a Mac mini OSX.
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          Michael Gianino Level 4
          Do you mean the way command 1 gives you a 100% view, and command 7 is 75%? I don't know of a single-key shortcut, but I always got around pretty good with just a few moves:

          Command zero - fit window
          Option command zero - fit entire pasteboard
          Command spacebar - zoom in (drag a marquee around something to view it up close)
          Option - hand grabber to drag the screen around

          One of the first two, followed by the third is pretty quick, and will get you in the ballpark. If you add the hand grabber, you can get where ever you need. I think its probably more efficient than just going to 150%, since the zoom via command spacebar can be what ever magnification you need.
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            Thanks for the navigation tips, Mike, many of which I do use. I was thinking specifically of working at a magnification halfway between 100% and 200% in P/M 7. Some years ago this forum had a number of posts on that very subject, and "150%" was mentioned in the subject line for all those posts. I wonder if the archives accessible today are all the archives there are...?
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              Claudio González Most Valuable Participant
              A search for 150% only gave me the three messages above, so I guess they are gone by now.
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                Just type 150 into the field at bottom left of a layout window.

                Or run this JavaScript:

                try { app.layoutWindows[0].zoomPercentage = 150 } catch (e) {}

                The advantage of using the script is that you can attach a shortcut to it.


                Clearly, when I posted this back in June, I thought I was in an InDesign forum. Sorry.
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                  I have found the Command dash and the Command plus keys good to know to go through different reductions or enlargements. Command 1 and 2 are good, but sometimes you want something in between. These dash and plus keys might do what you need.