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    Is there any workaround at all to run PM7 on a Intel-based Mac?

      Dear friends:

      I have recently purchased a MacBook Pro and, before I did, I asked some questions to Apple about the possibility of having the software pre-installed, specifically, BootCamp and Classic, receiving the computer with a partition already made and requirements of the sort. Basically, Technical Support told me that they were not able to perform any of these tasks, although the person I have spoken to said to me that I could run PageMaker (I think he mentioned an update). After a couple of days researching, it appears that I have been misinformed. Unfortunately I have several hundreds of PageMaker files in archive, and I cannot afford to lose the ability to open them directly (I am a radical InDesign fan, I have used it since v.1.0). Does anybody know any workaround at all to run PageMaker 7 on a Intel-based Mac? Maybe some software to emulate the Classic? Maybe an upgrade or a third-party application? I cannot believe that MacOS supports Windows (in fact, I have installed Windows Vista) better than its predecessor Mac OS 9.2.2.

      Thanks a lot for your time,

      Eduardo Guarniz