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    PM to Mac

      I have PM 6.5 on an old PC. Will I be able to move those files to my new iMac? I use Pm for making signs and promotional materials for my small business. Can I get by with PM 7 or do I have to get indesign?
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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional
          PM won't run on a new iMac. Keep your old machine.

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            If you use OS 9 or to 10.3 with Classic, you should be able to save those .pm6 files to a disk or usb stick and move to the Mac. I think OS 10.3 will do on an iMac.
            I have not had problems opening pc PageMaker files, but sometimes, the fonts and spacing are funky. Those you just fix to suit. Then resave the file--use a new file name just in case. I usually add a date or year at the beginning of the old file's name and save it to a different storage device than the original.
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              With Pagemaker you need to have the same version to open a file cross platform.

              If you have just moved to the Mac platform your best bet is InDesign it will open Mac or PC files.

              Pagemaker is DEAD Adobe is just raking in as much money as they can off it. If you spend any money on Pagemaker now you are an idiot.

              Use you PM license to upgrade to InDesign.
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                I've been able to open PM 4.5 files on my Pagemaker 6 version easily. Again, sometimes the fonts and spacing are odd. Then I save the new version. no problemo.
                Sometimes getting new software out of supervisors is nearly as easy as sprouting wings. Although it is always nice to get up-to-date software, sometimes we are stuck.

                As long as people are using PageMaker and asking questions, it hardly seems dead. If adobe wants to consider is as such, then I'm surprised they let us continue with this helpful forum.

                When all of us can no longer perform our duties through PageMaker, then i guess our bosses will have to fork over for new hardware AND new software. ha!
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                  Sandra it is dead.

                  It is Zombieware, dead but still walking the Earth. I'm surprised there is still a forum as we only get 1 question every 2 or 3 months.

                  Sandra let me tell you why Pagemaker is dead on the Mac. For starters Apple stopped supporting OS back in 2001. when Apple released the new Mactels they dropped support for Classic and last october when Leopard was released it no longer supported Classic for Power PC computers. Just because 5 or 6 people still have Macs old enough to run PM doesn't mean its not dead.

                  Hey I still have it on my computer? do I use it? only as a reference or to help people out. I certainly wouldn't use it for any work. Personally I think Adobe should stop selling PM. they are not doing anyone a service by selling it to them. I'm sure its the bean counters yelling we gotta move the last few boxes.

                  With the release of Vista I don't know if the PC still supports it.
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                    BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional
                    > With the release of Vista I don't know if the PC still supports it.

                    It's not supported but there are people reporting that it works for the
                    most part.

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                      b Quick Press up more copies of PM 7 people can still maybe run it on Vista.
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                        I have made the migration from an old 512k Mac which I bought in 1985, all the way to PowerMac G5, and all the way from Pagemaker 1.0 to CS3.

                        I have a lot of mechanicals created in PM 6.0, saved on dozens of Zip100 disks. In copying them to my G5 (running 10.5.2) for archival reasons, they were all converted to "Unix Executible File", with seemingly no way to open them in anything.

                        Any thoughts about how to open them? Now that my Mac thinks they are UEF, is it too late to try to open them in an older Mac running OS9? I think my daughter has an old AV Mac.

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                          If they are PM6 files make sure they have the .PM6 file extension so they open in ID. The system only thinks they are UEF because they have no extension.

                          Personally I would have held off on upgrading the G5 to Leopard until Apple has made a few more fixes to the OS so that it is more compatible with the Adobe apps. Tiger and CS3 run great together Leopard and CS3 have a few issues especially ID.

                          I have both systems on my G5 and always switch back to Tiger to use ISCS3.
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                            For Switchers moving to a Mac, one of the hassles can be how to get your settings and files from your old PC to your new Mac. News.com brought us word of a company called Detto Technologies that has a solution for this, and it's called Move2Mac. Move2Mac will help move your Windows settings and your files, though it only move e-mail setting and addresses, and not the e-mail itself, to a Mac so that users feel more at home. Hope this can help you a lot.
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                              I have a similar problem. I have PM 6.5 files on a zip disk and now need to revisit them with InDesign on Mac OSX.

                              But when I copy the from the zip to either my Mac desktop or a CD, it still shows up as a UNIX file.

                              I've tried adding the .PM6 extension, but that doesn't change things. Linda Hulen
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                                Jay Chevako Level 3
                                The extension should be .p65, once you have changed it, control click
                                one of the files, and select "get info" under "Open with" choose
                                Indesign and then hit "change all"