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    pagemaker 5.0 issue

      when i try to open application. i get the following error mesage:
      cannot create interanl clipboard
      cannot create temporary file

      please help
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          I wonder which very old computer you're running and which operating system you're running to be able to even think about opening an application that is 12 years old.

          I vaguely recall these kinds of errors, but I have no memory whatsoever of how I would fix them.


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            I can't even install PM5 in OS 9 and believe me I have tried.

            If you want to run PM 5 You will need to be running system 7.0 or 7.5 also PM 5 had an aldus folder or a PM5 folder in the system folder If this folder was missing PM 5 would not work. In PM6 thru 7 these components were moved into the applications folder.

            Tomb1 you need to give us more info.