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    PM 7 and Word

      I do a church newsletter in PageMaker 7.01 while booted into 9.2.2., and have always retyped the handwritten articles I received in PM's Story Editor.

      Now, there is a new newsletter editor and she has retyped everything in Word and emailed the file to me. I have it saved as a .doc file in the OS 10.3.9 side of things on this dual-boot G4 MDD. If I can place or import it into PM 7 I won't have to retype everything and that would be a blessing.

      The question is this: I know that PM does not play well with Word (5.1a on the 9.2.2 side of things; Office-Word 2004 on the 10.3.9 side of things), and that if Word is fired up before PM is fired up, the view on the screen goes haywire and the pallets are all black. In what format should I save the .doc file so that I can just import it into PM without having to open Word? Can't remember if PM 7 imports rtf or what.

      Any help is most appreciated and thanks in advance.

      Thurletta Brown-Gavins