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    Placing Microsoft Word 7 RTF files in PageMaker 6.0 document

      I am a weekly newspaper editor. For years I have written my articles on a PC at home using Microsoft Word 2000, saved them to disc as RTF files, transferred the RTF files to our Mac (running OS 9.2.2) at work, and placed them into PageMaker 6.0 documents with no problems.

      I now have a new PC at home running Microsoft Office Word 7. When I attempt to place the RTF files produced by Microsoft Word 7 into a PageMaker 6.0 document at work (on the Mac running OS 9.2.2) I get the following error messages: RTF import syntax warning: Unrecognized character set, mac character set used. When I click OK the same message repeats. When I click OK a second time I get a different message:
      RTF import syntax warning, unrecognized token.

      Is there anything I can do to get these Word 7 RTF files to work with our old Macs?

      I forgot to inform you my new PC operating system at home is Windows Vista Home Premium.
      --Roger W. Bonham