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    Convert PageMaker 6.5 document to Illustrator CS3?

      I need to provide some assistance to a friend, and I'm turning to you for some help. I haven't used PM myself in years and don't have the program to test this idea.

      My friend has laboriously over the years created genealogy charts in PM 6.5 and wants to switch to a new program to continue building charts in the future. I don't have an image to send of the charts, but they definitely need to be drawn with a program like Illustrator as opposed to a chart making software -- they are radial instead of linear. So my suggestion to her is to migrate the charts from PM to Illustrator. The charts were built with text boxes, color shapes and individual lines.

      Is it possible in anyway to bring the PM files into Illustrator and keep the files editable? Is there anyway we don't have to redraw these very complex charts?

      Thanks in advance!