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    Letters are repeating, Etc.

      I have 2 G4 iMacs running 10.4.11 OS. The problem I am having is when using PageMaker 7.1 some letters appear to be sticking and or delaying and or repeating and it is not the KEYBOARDS I have no problem with any other program just PageMaker. This started a few weeks ago and it seems to be getting worst.
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          OK first you do know that Pagemaker is not run natively in 10.4.11. PM must run in classic which is OS9.2.2 running in emulation. PM has never run perfectly in Classic and to get the best use from PM you should be booting OS9.

          Some trouble shooting steps.

          Can you boot OS9.2.2 on your iMacs? If so do it and see if the problem clears. second thing would be to remove PMs prefs and see if the problem clears. Also have you installed any new software? have you started Classic with extensions disabled? I think you need to hold down the command key when starting. Its been so long now.

          You really need to think about using InDesign Pagemaker is what I refer to as Zombieware. Its Dead but still walks the earth. Apple has completely abandoned OS9 now with the release of Leopard. So there is no suppoort. Adobe keeps selling PM because they can make a few extra $$$$ on it but not development has been done on it since PM 7 was released in 2001.