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    Error when exporting to .pdf "blue boxes"

      Does anyone know what happened here? I have been doing this for years and all of a sudden the pictures are just blue boxes when I export to a .pdf file. And it takes forever to go through the process. Some of the photos are OK, but the majority just show up as these empty squares. Please help.
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          what version?

          What OS?

          when did this start happening?

          did you install anything?

          Do you do any system maintenance?
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            I'm using Pagemaker 7.0.2 and Mac OS 10.2.8. and Pagemaker runs on 9.2.2.

            I made a mistake last night and hit a goofy combination of command/control/alt (who knows what it was? I was trying to get rid of those ghost arrows and things that pop up) and my monitor went to "negative" = like a photo negative. I finally figured out how to fix that in the System Preferences/Universal Access.

            I reinstalled Pagemaker, and some of the pictures show up, and some are just blue boxes. I embedded all of the pictures. Still doesn't work. And it takes a long time to export to the .pdf.

            Now I found another glitch, and the Pagemaker won't let me create a booklet. Gives me Error 7241- can't find that error number anywhere.

            Do you think there's a solution? Or do I have to dump my beloved Pagemaker and go to InDesign. That means I would have to reformat 30 newsletters!
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              Gail I don't know how you manage to run Pagemaker in Such an old version of OSX in Classic. I wanted to stab pencils in my eyes after 5 minutes. If you can still boot OS 9.2.2 do that and see if PM works correctly.

              PM in OSX is trouble waiting to happen. especially such an old version of OSX. Tiger is much more stable with Classic but you can't buy it any more.

              PM is also zombieware dead software that still roams the earth.

              If you plan on working in layout it would really benefit you to start using ID. The problem with that is the new version of ID (IDCS3 ) will not work on your computer you need 10.4.11 or higher. 10.4 is not sold anymore and 10.5 will most likely not run on you computer if its as old as you software.

              so try booting OS9 and see if it works.