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    convert REALLY OLD PageMaker files

      I have some files from 1990 that were built in PageMaker 3.0 Color Extension. Is there ANYTHING that can get these files into InDesign without recreating a mid-1990s Classic Mac setup?
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          Pagemaker 3 converter

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            Unable to convert/open Mac PM4 files & save in Mac PM7 file format.


            Same old story:

            * Have a 20+- Mac PM4 files.
            * According to various documentation Mac PM7 has a file conversion utility that converts Mac PM4 to Mac PM7 file format.

            * Undertook the Mac PM4 to Mac PM7 conversion process as per recommended SOP.


            1) Downloaded Mac PM7 trial ware (thanks Adobe!)
            2) Installed Mac PM7 on a PPC (G5 Dual) Mac.
            3) Booted into Classic/System 9.
            4) Launched Mac PM7.
            5) From within Mac PM7 was able to locate the Mac PM4 files within the Mac PM7 file conversion "module".
            6) When I attempted to open/convert the Mac PM4 files which Mac PM7 recognized in the "conversion module", I was unsuccessful in opening/converting them.
            7) Mac PM7 didn't generate any error messages: it simply wouldn't open/convert the Mac PM4 files although they were visible/recognized by the file converter.

            * One thought is maybe the file structure of the Mac PM4 files has been damaged. E.g. the resource fork might somehow be corrupted. If anyone knows of a competent file repair utility for System 9 files I'd appreciate getting that info.

            * Otherwise: any ideas/help in migrating these Mac PM4 files to Mac PM7 and getting them saved in MPM7 format would be much appreciated!!!

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              If the files are corrupt your are pretty much out of luck.

              Also keep in mind firing up Classic is not the same as Booting OS 9