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    Placed Word 2004 docs lose styles

      Word 2004 files placed in Pagemaker v.6.52 or v.7.0.1 lose their styles, come in as "No Style." This is a major pain for files with many style changes.

      This occurs only for files made in Word 2004 v.11.5 or later.

      However files made in Word 2004 versions up to v.11.4.1 do bring styles when placed in Pagemaker.

      If we must downgrade a computer to a Word version compatible with Pagemaker, we could uninstall Office. In Applications/Microsoft Office/Additional Tools/Remove Office, run Remove Office at least three times.

      Then reinstall from our Word 2004 install CD, which should be version 2004.v.11.1 which is compatible with Pagemaker. You'll need your Office 2004 install key. If after install you check and find it has installed v.2004v.11.5, you must uninstall again and find an older Word 2004 CD.

      For increased security and bug fixes, if you have time, you should then also run Office 2004 updaters from 11.3.6 through 11.4.1 downloaded from:

      http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/Browse.aspx?displaylang=en&productID=907DA265-A4B4-43BF -93C9-5D1D0A73FFA4

      but DON'T UPDATE BEYOND Office 2004v.11.4.1

      Be sure to turn Microsoft AutoUpdate to Manual so it never runs! It's in Applications folder.

      Word 2004 v.11.4.1 is the version on our computer which still makes Word text files which bring their styles into Pagemaker.

      WORD 2004 Version 2004v.11.5 makes documents with styles which, when Placed, are NOT brought into Pagemaker.

      To find out the version of Office installed on a computer, on that computer go to Applications/Microsoft Office/Office/Microsoft Component Plugin and do Get Info on Microsoft Component Plugin. The version shown will be the Office version update on that computer.

      Again, on our computer whose Word version (About Word shows as 11.3.8) is still compatible with Pagemaker, Get Info on Microsoft Component Plugin shows Office as version 11.4.1.

      Upgrading Pagemaker to v.7.0.1 still does not bring text styles from Word 2004v.11.5 into Pagemaker. I tried.

      ADDITIONAL PAGEMAKER STYLES NOTE: To fix Pagemaker Style Sheet error so we can edit styles, Perform a diagnostic recompose of the publication by pressing Option+Shift (Mac OS) or Ctrl+Shift (Windows) while choosing Type > Hyphenation. Then save the publication to a new name.