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    Looking for Pagemaker Consultant

      I have a book that was set up in Pagemaker 6.5 in 1999 on a PC, using PC fonts. Now I need to make a few changes. I don't have Adobe Pagemaker and the person who did this for me is not available. I do have the Pagemaker files and the font files.

      So, I am looking to hire someone who (1) is experienced with working with book formats in Pagemaker and (2) works on a PC. In addition to making a few text and margin changes, I will also want that person to prepare the files for uploading to Amazon's CreateSpace print-on-demand program (see submission guidelines at http://www.createspace.com/Help/Book/BWSubmission.jsp).

      Please email me if you are interested in this project and/or can recommend someone who could do it for me. email: lbpierce@pacbell.net.

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          Hi Linda,

          I believe that I can help you. I use Pagemaker 7 on a PC extensively. I also briefly reviewed the Amazon guidelines from the link the you provided and see that a book needs to be converted into a pdf file for upload. I have also done this conversion from Pagemaker to pdf with catalogs and brochures of various types. The Create Space program is new to me, but it doesn't look too difficult to work through. Here is my email address if you would like to discuss this further:


          Thank you and have a great day.

          Gary Graham