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    Fonts not being recognised.

      I have Adobe Pagemaker 7.0. I have recently purchased a font that works fine in Pagemaker but when i come to save the document into pdf in Adobe Acrobat 7.0 professional the font is no longer recognised.

      i followed the instructions on the technote ( for pagemaker 7.0 fonts are substituted when you print ) ( http://kb.adobe.com/selfservice/viewcontent.do?externalid=330578 )( * ) but i can only import one of the fonts but i have 4 all of wich are the same font but ever so sligthly different
      i suspect its seeing each font as the same name but iv made sure they are titled differantly

      id be over the moon if some one could help

      1. open the page maker publication and choose utilities > plug-ins > save for service provider.
      2. click preflight pub.
      3. select fonts are not okay for printing or reating a package for service provider.
      4 click the fonts tab to view unavailable fonts
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          apologise the link to the technote should be http://kb.adobe.com/selfservice/viewContent.do?externalId=330578

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            I have had this problem, particularly with Open Type fonts. It's very irritating, because it seems like most of the new fonts are being issued exclusively in Open Type.

            I have developed a work-around, which you can attempt at your own risk.

            Purchase the software FontCreator (I use FontCreator 5.6 Home Edition). It's not very expensive.

            Open the problem font in FontCreator, and save it with a different name. In the process of saving it, the font will be converted to a TrueType font. Install the new version of the font. In my experience, you can then successfully use the font in Pagemaker, and convert it to a pdf.

            This is not a perfect solution because there will be a *very* slight diminishment in the crispness of the lines of the font -- but this is only visible when the font is magnified to something like 6400% in Acrobat. It is not visible to the naked eye, or at least not to my naked eye.
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              More in this FAQ:
              * Donald Gruener, "5.8 - OpenType / Unicode fonts" #1, 17 May 2002 12:03 pm

              Iechyd da! John
              18:49 30/10/2008 GMT
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                Let me add, in my experience, contrary to what is stated in the above link ("Donald Gruener," etc.), many Open Type fonts don't work AT ALL in PageMaker. The basic characters of the alphabet appear as boxes with x's in them when you convert the PageMaker file to a pdf.

                Two further comments.

                (1) I just had 3300 copies of a 400+ page perfect-bound trade paperback printed at Thomson-Shore in Michigan (a first-rate book printer). I used an Open Type font (Arno) converted to True Type via FontCreator, as described above. The book is printed on Nature's Natural stock, and the font looks gorgeous.

                (2) A further "trick" you can do with FontCreator to take advantage of Open Type fonts in PageMaker is to create special character fonts, for characters built into the font that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to access via PageMaker (although presumably easy to access in InDesign). Thus, I set up an Arno small caps font (i.e., true small caps), and a superscript font (again, true superscripts; this particular book has some 1700 footnotes).

                I created these specialty sub-fonts in FontCreator by simultaneously opening up (i) Arno and (ii) a blank font. Then I copied and pasted the special characters from Arno into the blank font, and saved it with an appropriate name (e.g., ArnoSmallCaps). For example, for the superscript numbers, I copied the Arno superscripts and pasted them into the standard numbers of the blank font -- but once that specialty font was installed, when I keyed those numbers in, they would appear as true superscript numbers.

                Again, this is my own personal experience; if you decide to try this approach, proceed at your own risk. I note that before printing the actual book, I did a test "press proof" with Thomson-Shore for about $300, that uses the same offset printing process as their regular books. When the converted font worked in the press proof, I knew it would work for the book itself.
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                  >Let me add, in my experience, contrary to what is stated in the above link ("Donald Gruener," etc.), many Open Type fonts don't work AT ALL in PageMaker.

                  Exactly what OT fonts don't work in PM and what glyphs are not being reproduced? Because PM is not a uniocde-aware app, you will not be able to access all the glyphs that an OT font can hold, but the basic ISO set will be available. OT fonts were made to be backwards compatible in this way. If you are having issues accessing the ISO set, then I suggest it is likely to have to do with how you are installing the fonts. (What OS are you on and how are you installing the fonts? What apps do they show up in?) There is no need to convert an OT font to a TT font to use in PM and the problems inherent in conversion are a reason not to.

                  There is a free utility available that will let you create new OT fonts from an existing OT font (licence allowing) with specific character sets. This allows you to, for example, create a font with OSFs that you can use in PM.
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                    Quote: "Exactly what OT fonts don't work in PM...?"

                    Arno, for one. Kepler for another. Berling Nova for a third. When converted to pdf, everything comes out in boxes with (sometimes without) x's, including the standard alphabet.

                    Spent considerable time on the phone with Adobe Pagemaker support, as well as Adobe Acrobat support - solution: there is no solution. Use other fonts, or upgrade to InDesign.

                    I'm on Windows XP Home Edition. I have installed many a font - hundreds of fonts - from many different vendors (the issue, btw, is not having too many fonts installed; I have had that problem in the past with Pagemaker, and addressed it). The fonts show up in PageMaker - no problem there. The problem is converting .pmd files to pdf, for which I have found no solution from Adobe tech support via phone, nor in any of the threads here that address this problem. Have spent many hours trying to tweak the distiller settings, etc., to no avail.

                    Quote: "There is a free utility available that will let you create new OT fonts from an existing OT font (licence allowing) with specific character sets."


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                      So, the issue is not that "many Open Type fonts don't work AT ALL in PageMaker" but that you are having problems creating PDFs. I am quite sure this will turn out to be a system-specific issue, because OpenType fonts can and are used to produce PDFs in old apps like PM all the time.

                      As for the utility, I don't keep the link handy anymore. Search the web or the forums, because I've posted it in the past.