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    PageMaker 7 +Acrobat Pro 9.0

      Acrobat Pro 7 installed a pdf icon to print to pdf with embedded fonts in PageMaker 7. Will Acrobat 9 do the same thing? I lost that icon and ability when I installed the trial version of Acrobat 9 and am hoping it was due to the trial, not having the installation CD.
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          (Aandi_Inston) Level 1
          There is no different in the Acrobat 9 trial. But if Acrobat 9 works,
          it does install a PDF printer.

          HOWEVER, if you have a problem with this you need to fix it; buying
          the software won't do that.

          Aandi Inston
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            John Breeds
            On Windows PM 7 I have produced a 60-page chapter for an illustrated book. The diagrams comprise a paper filled line rectangle, with a black filled rectangle behind it. The black rectangle is nudged to the right and to the bottom, to create a black drop shadow. I placed the eps diagram over it, to the front layer.

            I need to produce pdf file. So, I generated a postscript file; then used Adobe 9 distiller to produce a pdf.

            Everything is perfect up to page 28. After this page, all of the diagrams show the black rectangle through the paper-filled ones.

            I have double-checked PageMaker diagrams, and even tried to generate just one of the rogue pages but it still shows the black rectangle in Adobe Reader. All text and fonts are perfect.

            Please, any help appreciated! Thanks

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              Brutus_Maximus Level 1
              It sounds like the white rectangles are set to overprint the black background. Overprinting white on top of any background = invisibility. To test this, turn off Overprint Preview in Acrobat--if my hunch is correct, the charts will suddenly appear normal.
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                John Breeds Level 1
                Hi Brutus

                Hey, this is EXCELLENT news!

                Thank you so much... it works, and now all is well!
                I had been going crazy all day trying to figure out this problem. The black rectangle only appeared on the latter 20 diagrams. I guess when I added pages in PageMaker the default was set to 'overprint'... hence the problem appearing. So thanks again.

                Just one thing Brutus; I guess you meant 'Overprint Preview in PageMaker'? (not Acrobat).
                you said: "Overprint Preview in Acrobat"

                Best wishes

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                  BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional
                  No, he didn't. There is no overprint preview in Pagemaker.

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                    John Breeds Level 1
                    Thanks Bob.
                    I couldn't find an Overprint Preview in Acrobat.
                    So, I asssumed Brutus was referring to the Pagemaker Overprint setting.

                    All is well now, but, out of interest, where is the Overprint View in Acrobat?
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                      BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional
                      Advanced>Print Production>Output Preview.

                      There's also a preference setting to make this automatic:

                      Edit>Preferences>Use Overprint Preview.

                      FWIW, you should really be thinking of dumping PM and moving to
                      InDesign. Among the hundreds of features that PM doesn't have is an
                      overprint preview.

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                        Brutus_Maximus Level 1
                        Glad that worked for you! I used to get lots of PM files with White set to OP. InDesign nags at you when you try to overprint white, so we don't see it as often as we used to. I do still get quite a few files saved out of AI with OP White. My operators and I need to be able to see those problems when we're getting files ready to print. Whenever you're designing for print, I recommend that you leave Overprint Preview turned on in all your apps. You wouldn't have noticed the problem if the preview wasn't screwed up in Acrobat--it might not have been caught until you received a proof. Or later, after the job had been printed and bound. Never a fun situation.

                        Designers never really had to worry about stuff like that in the '90s. One of the realities of modern production workflows is that the designer/production artist is chiefly responsible for catching and fixing all prepress errors. In theory, at least. Back in the good/bad old days, designers mocked up designs in Quark or PageMaker, packaged up all their source files along with detailed instructions for the prepress techs, and shipped it all off to the printer on 44MB SyQuest disks. The EPP techs typically went through the files with a fine-toothed comb, fixing everything obsessively. In theory, all that should now be done before the job is submitted for print. In reality, only a depressingly small portion of many shops' customers are competent to do that. We do lots of training and tutorials, but we still end up having to do fix lots of stuff. Only now we do lots of surgery on PDF files using PitStop and other tools, in addition to working with native files. Add in a steady stream of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher files, along with odd formats like Apple Pages (which makes abysmal PDF, in my experience) and OpenOffice Writer (which seems to produce pretty clean PostScript), and you have an average day in the life of a modern prepress tech.
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                          John Breeds Level 1
                          Hi Brutus and Bob

                          You are both so helpful. Thank you.
                          As you say, can you imagine if I gave the go-ahead to have all 100 copies of books printed; only to find out too late the black rectangles.

                          After your explanation, I now realise why this happened after page 30 in Chapter 4. I called up Chapter 3 (whose 30 pages were okay) and saved it as Chap 4. Then added pages accordingly. The default when adding pages must be a ticked paper fill box in PageMaker!

                          Actually Bob, I purchased Indesign just before Christmas but have not yet got around to using it. I was half-way through the PageMaker project so continued with that. I will now switch over to Indesign and dump PageMaker!

                          Many years ago I always worked with a postscipt file and gave that to printers. I didn't realise there were so many versions of PDF! Apparently mine has to conform to PDFx-1a 2001 to keep the printer happy!

                          Regarding my Acrobat 9 Pro I don't find it very user friendly. I still can't find the Overprint Preview.

                          Best wishes and thanks again for your help and understanding.

                          (harmless idiot in little old England)