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    Publisher File Conversion

      Hi all - fist post so please be gentle.

      I'm looking to upgrade from MS Publisher to something more professional and flexible. Pagemaker is on the shortlist but I have to admit to being very green about it's features. I currently use publisher for only one file - my company's 120 page Catalogue (www.carbuildersolutions.co.uk if interested). My question is, will I be able to convert this file intact to Pagemaker and retain it's editability.

      Many thanks

      Neil Foreman
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          Jay Chevako Level 3
          Good job coming here before you bought Pagemaker.

          Pagemaker is a discontinued product. there will be no updates, and it
          may or may not work on vista, depending on your luck.
          There is a converter that will work on some older versions of publisher,
          but the converted files tend to be a bit unstable, and the conversions
          are never perfect. With a file that size that probably has thousands of
          embedded images it would be a night mare.

          Indesign is a better investment, there is a third party converter that
          you can buy to convert publisher documents,
          http://www.quarktoindesign.net/products.php?id=yh but I would recommend
          starting the catalog from scratch.
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            BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional
            I'll second Jay's comments on both counts.

            PM is dead and all but buried. Go with InDesign and you may want to
            check into the various plugins available that can make catalog creation
            quick and simple.

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              BigJohnD Level 3
              Yes, move straight to InDesign,

              And may I say that CarBuilders is a terrific company, with great products, helpful staff on the phone and speedy delivery. I've bought many small things for my car from you!

              Iechyd da! John
              20:52 15/10/2008 BST
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                Level 1
                Many thanks Guys. It seems indesign is the way to go. I hope the converter plugin works OK or I can look forward to a long winter staring at a screen.