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    When viewing document only shows square or oblongs on screen or printing, but can edit story

      I am new to using PageMaker (v7) and have some files that I am trying to edit. When I view the main screen there is just squares and oblongs where the text should with the exception of a few titles. Graphics appear ok.

      If you print the same as above is printed.

      The story can be edited and the text appears ok.

      Is this an issue with me not having a PostScript printer or is is a font issue? Fonts are substituted when opening the document.

      Can anyone help me as these documents are vital!

      Many thanks

      Windows XP SP3, 512Mb RAM on Dell Inspiron 9100 Laptop and/or Dell desktop, lots of storage space. HP DeksJet 800C printer and/or Brother 2420PC laser,