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    Plug in error message again

      Had a hard drive poop out, and reinstalled an older one again. It works OK except for the PM area. Now am getting some error messages at wheat used to be easy, and was once a part of the F.A.Q. or problems here. Now cannot find the URL. I am going through the Plug-in blues once again. Am trying to export a PM 6.5 page to PDF, and keep getting the below error message. I have atempted to re-install Distiller a few times, but keep coming up with the error message. It used to be as easy as re-install the PDF Distiller, but that don't do it anymore.

      Cannot register Plug-in. Please re-install the plug in component. Invalid function number. 9010:0001

      What to I have to link over to or try and re-install once again then?