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    Pagemaker Printer Question

      I work in IT at a hospital. We have a user in the Marketing Dept. that uses Pagemaker 7.0. Her machine crashed and we had to rebuild it. She is saying that when she goes to print she is missing a SETUP button on the screen that used to let her access advanced features on the printer like double sided printing. This printer is a Xerox DocColor 520 Postscritpt and it is setup on a server. Instead of the SETUP button she has a PAPER button instead. If I change the printer to her local print the PAPER button changes back to a SETUP button. We've checked the driver to make sure it is the correct one and persmission on the printer. These all look right. We've even set up the printer as an LRP printer and this did not work.

      She may be mistaken entirely as we went to two other PCs that had PM installed and it showed the PAPER button and not the SETUP button. If this printer is setup using a PCL driver, however, the PAPER button changes to a SETUP button. She swears that the PS version of the printer worked before her PC crashed and we rebuilt.

      I am not sure what else to try and was wondering if maybe someone out there has had simalar problems and could give me some advice on this problem.