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    How to do running header across multiple stories?

      I'm formatting a huge book (over 900 pages) with about 40 chapters. (Separated into multiple files of about 150 pages each.) I used a text box on my master page to place the running header on the verso page (which was the title of the book, so always the same). I used white rectangles to cover the running head on pages that didn't need it. This system worked fine for the verso, but it's not going to work for the recto pages because there are 40 different recto running heads (the chapter titles).
      Isn't there some way to place some sort of position marker on the recto master page that specifies EXACT location & style of material that I will type or copy/paste onto each page? I honestly think this will work better than what I understand of the PageMaker utility "Running Headers/footers", because their utility only works for a selected story, which means I have to reposition their place marker in the running header set-up FORTY times, once for each chapter, in addition to specifying exactly which pages to put it on, etc. That set-up takes a long time for each chapter. I think there is too much room for inconsistency there, plus it's a GIANT hassle.
      Are there any other ways to create a recto page chapter title running head for a giant book?