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    Pagemaker 7 - WinXP SP3

      I just bought a new computer with WinXP Pro that came with SP3 preinstalled.

      I have been unable to install some older software such Pagemaker 7, Illustrator 7, Freehand etc.

      The installer file will not run, but the discs do read.

      Has anyone encountered this, and have a solution? Thanks
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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional
          It was never tested with SP3 and there may well be a problem with it. If
          there is you'll need to go back to SP2 which of course might mean a new
          clean install.

          Sorry, but you're in unchartered and unsupported waters using such old
          software. Time to consider an upgrade to InDesign and the rest of the
          CS4 suite.

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            Bob - I know what you are saying, just can't afford it given the level of work I get.

            Actually, it was almost hard to find a new machine without vista, and I was hoping by find one, the older software would work. Oh well
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              Due to a corrupt boot sector, I was forced to abandon a Win2K drive and upgraded to a SP-3 XP system. Trying to run the installer for PM7 resulted in "Insufficient Memory" failure. Even copying the cd to the desktop didn't work. Note, however, that the CD drive isn't just anymore - it's a DVD-CD drive. I copied with a CD drive on another networked computer (XP - SP-1) to a shared folder, then copied to the new XP SP-3 desktop. Installer ran just fine.


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                The original post is months old but thought I'd share something that worked for me.


                I've been struggling for a week to get PM 7.1 and Distiller 5.05 working again and finally did. Both used to work fine with XP SP3 then I did some housekeeping and inadvertently removed Distiller. I found similar troubles  as reported by others getting the installer to run from the CD but found it did run in Safe Mode. Even so after several reinstalls of Distiller and eventually PM 7, I still had the "can't write to the ps file" and the 'findfont" ps error. What worked for me was to uninstall PM 7 and Distiller and delete all the folders in the Programs directory and Common Files directory that were PM and Distiller related. I also deleted all Registry entries under HKLM/Software/Adobe. Note, I have Photoshop Elements and Acrobat Reader 9 installed and left everything related to those intact. After a reboot PM 7.1 came up and created the ps file then exported to pdf and it worked as before.


                Hope this is of some use to anyone with similar problems.

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                  Sounds like its time to upgrade your software.