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    Photo printing darker

      I use Pagemaker 7.0 to make greeting cards.
      Previously I've printed these cards on an Epson Photo Stylus 820 inkjet printer and have had very minor differences in the colour or b&w quality from PhotoShop to PageMaker.Usually I have to adjust the contrast less than 10%.

      I now use an Epson R2400 printer, both the colour & b&w are much darker and the colour is off. When I print the same images in PhotoShop I get very little variation from what I see on my monitor

      I have my monitor calibrated using Spyder2Pro and have the settings on photoshop as recommended in the instruction booklet for the printer.

      I can't seem to set up PageMaker to accept the same settings that I have in PhotoShop CS

      Any help will be appreciated

      herb greenslade