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    Arial Black turns italic

      Huston, I have a strange problem. I produced a document in PM7 a few months ago and now I open it to find that Arial Black has turned italic. It's not checked as italic and clicking the italic button does nothing. I've Googled this problem and other people have had this problem with this same font in other programs.

      It's been suggested it's due to a bug in Windows XP, which I'm using. Microsoft Word shows this font upright, it's just in PM, even if I type out a new piece of text it still comes out italic. Solutions have been reinstalling the Arial Black font or deleting the italic version. I've found this font in the Windows folder but should it not be in the PM font folder where the problem lies. I've looked in that folder and the font file names are unrecognisable.

      This is my office PC and I'm a bit too scared to touch anything like that, I'll have to get someone from IT to sort it, but being as I'm the only graphic designer here and the only one who has PM I reckon our IT guys may need a little help.