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    Missing Fonts

      I have 3 Dell computers. All run Pagemaker 7.0.01. All have the same fonts install from the same disk. However, one is missing Arial Narrow font. In the fonts folder the Arial Narrow font is listed. But when in Pagemaker Arial Narrow doesn't come up. How do I get this add back in to my fonts list? All 3 computers have the same programs and running Windows XP.
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          BigJohnD Level 3
          Have you checked the FAQs about fonts?

          Iechyd da! John
          15:37 01/04/2009 BST
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            Yes I have tried there. But it doesn't tell me how I can add fonts in to Pagemaker list.

            See here is my problem. Like a said before, I have 3 computers all set up the same way. But only 1 doesn't show this font.

            We have even tried uninstall and reinstalling the program with no success.
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              BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional
              Do you have Office 2007 installed?

              If so, this may or may not help since it pertains to InDesign:


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                BigJohnD Level 3

                > > Yes I have tried there. But it doesn't tell me how I can add fonts in to Pagemaker list.


                PageMaker get its list of Fonts from Windows - you don't add a font to PageMaker.


                Use the Windows Control Panel -> Fonts to remove Arial Narrow, reboot and re-install it.  You will need local administrator rights to this.


                Also, removing and re-installing PM does not necesarily remove all the registry references and configuration and personalisation files.   There used to be a PM FAQ sub-forum explaining how to do it, but it seems have disappeared when the forum was redecorated.