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    problem in stopping animation after sometime


      i have developed a flash animation, i put some images on the screen. when the mouse rolls over the image the animation of the image starts and when mouse rolls out from the image then its corresponding animation stop and the animation goto frame 1 and stop there until other user action.

      i am facing the problem that after sometimes when mouse rollout from the image then its animation stop and the control goes to the frame 1 but doen't stop there and continue to playing the animation onwards from frame 2. i put the stop function on the frame 1 and also called the gotoandstop function on mouse rollout but it goes fine for a few time but after that it is not stopping on the frame 1. when i referesh the page then it works fine again for a few seconds but after few seconds passed it again create same problem.

      Can anybody help me, please tell me what is the problem why it is not stopping after a few time passed.

      this is what i have done on the image:

      on (rollOver) {
      on (rollOut) {