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    Form properties

      Hai everyone, I need some help, i created a recordset after i had made a database ( where people store their information into the database-which is more familiar, people call it insert record. The problem is, when i create the record set, how do i create a username and password so i can retrieve the information that i have key in into the database. I did used the Server Behaviour where it provides 'User Authentication' but it actually does not help. It cannot retreive the data from the database. Then when i used 'form properties', I managed to retreive the data that i stored into the database before , but it use only 1 text field to recall or retrieve these data . How do i use 2 text field to recall the stored data?...using Form Properties?.Example USERNAME & PASSWORD so i can directly retrieve the stored data.. I am using microsoft access as a database..please someone out there please help..me.....
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          The quick question is what kind of database application you are talking about. I take that it is your first time working with data-driven website.

          I am not sure what exactly intended plan of your objective to make it work. But I think the concept of working with database or data-driven website is new experience for you. So, perhaps that you might want to consider to buy this excellent, excellent book called "PHP for Dreamweaver 8" whose authored by David Powers, who happen to be one of Adobe Community Experts (ACE, for short).

          In his book, this covers every topics associated with working or developing data-driven websites around Dreamweaver 8. It covers in-depth, pretty much self-explanatory, concise and clear instructions or steps to make it work with data-driven websites with Dreamweaver 8.

          Additionally, this book also discuss in depth on types and kinds of data-driven applications or data-driven script programming such as PHP/MySQL, ASP, ASP.NET, ASP/ACCESS, among others, and more top-notched high-end and more powerful database called Oarcle. (Though, Oarcle database concept is not covered in this book).

          Along with data-driven application development and general fundamentals, most importantly of all above, this book also discuss in depth on how to set up such system on your computer, in order to make it work and in order to work with Dreamweaver 8.

          Again, as you realize, lot of issues involved all at once, that is why I am recommending you to get this book. And use it as your reference in your home llibrary as well. :)
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            ok, thank you,, I will buy it as soon as possible, but is Dreamweaver 8 and Dreamweaver MX the same or not ??becoz im using Dreamweaver MX
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              DMX is DW6. That's 2 releases before DW8, or ~ 4 years ago.

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              > ok, thank you,, I will buy it as soon as possible, but is Dreamweaver 8
              > and Dreamweaver MX the same or not ??becoz im using Dreamweaver MX