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    Pesty Pop-ups II


      there had been a post on a similar issue ("Pesty Pop-ups") but unfortunately that didn't solve our problem.

      We imported a HLP file into RoboHelp for Word. We then imported the project into a new RoboHelp for HTML project.

      Pop-ups always open on the top left corner of the help page.

      Open each page in the internal editor. Add blank line and directly remove it again.
      Compile Output and check position of popups. It seems that editing a page forces RoboHelp to add the missing identifier in the HREF statement.

      Before editing: <a href="javascript:BSSCPopup('tp_4003.htm');">Issue</a>
      After editing: <A href="javascript:BSSCPopup('tp_4003.htm');" id=A6>Issue</A>

      Is there any solution other than editing each and every page which contains a BSSCPopup. Remark: Using the Serach & Replace function (Pods) doesn't help. The page has to be opened in the internal editor.

      Regards, Pinkepunk