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    Large Installer

      My air file has lots of video resources which make the application larger than one dvd. Is there a way to have the installer span over multiple dvds?
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          tzeng Adobe Employee
          That is too big. I am not sure if the Installer will work correctly with such a large app.

          Could you put the video resources outside the AIR file?

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            bobmanc Level 1
            I tried that but couldn't get it to work. I tried this.
            var SWFObject = document.createElement("object");
            SWFObject.setAttribute("type", "application/x-shockwave-flash");
            movieParam.setAttribute("value", '../movies/mymovie.swf');

            But it didn't let me access the file outside the Air app folder.
            Am I doing it wrong?
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              tzeng Adobe Employee
              Could you put the files in the applicationStorageDirectory, documentsDirectory or some other places?