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    Troble with Behaviors

    Level 7
      I've just upgraded to Director 11 (download) and don't have a manual (Help
      doesn't help.)

      When I select a sprite and use the Property Inspector, the behavior tab list
      all behaviors (there because the file was updated from V10) but they are all
      grayed out as is the selection to add a new behavior.

      Can anyone be of help?

      Greg Ambrose

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          Just for reference...


          I've discovered that this appears to be a bug in Director 11 (Hotfix3)


          Docking the message window disables adding or removing behaviours though the behavior panel.  There is no problem if the message window is floating.


          (dear Adobe...)

          This issue is replicable and can be demonstrated by simply creating a new movie, docking the message window and then attempting to add a behaviour to a sprite.

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            Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional

            If you have a bug to report, please do so here. Don't expect that anyone from Adobe, much less the Director team, monitors these forums.