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    Download Old Site--"Put" Up New Site?

      I have old site that I have re-written headings and re-arranged other text? I have 3 different books on Dreamweaver 8 and none tell me how to do it? Problem is the old site no longer exists on Dreamweaver 8 editor? The new site is 60% based on old site...same order buttons..landing page..order forms..Clickbank connections and Aweber...stuff I don't want to change. In detail how do I download and save old site to folder on hard drive? Then without losing order buttons..landing page..order forms..etc. can I just "put" the new site up to the internet using all of the same host/server info as the old site. Why isn't this just "simple"???
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          > Why isn't
          > this just "simple"???

          It is.

          define a new site.
          Make sure it is a "site" and not an RDS site.

          define the local site folder to a new empty folder on your hard drive.
          Fill in the remote server connection info.

          Open the Files Panel, change to remote files view, and connect.
          If the site files are there- fine.

          If the site files are in a subfolder such as www or public_html or htdocs or
          similar, go back to the remote info and put that folder name into the "host
          directory" line.

          now connect again, select all the remote files, and GET them.

          after downloading everything, suggest you navigate to this Local Site Folder
          on your hard drive, and Duplicate it to create a backup you can revert to in
          case things go "all pear shaped"

          now edit the file and upload the changes.

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