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    AIR Application Install Error

      Hi everybody-
      I wrote an application using AIR in Dreamweaver CS4. I output an AIR file with no problems, but when I tried to install it the install failed and I got the following error in my log file (.airappinstall.log):

      Starting app install of file:///G:/ColdFusion8/wwwroot/Website%20Stuff/Sudoku/Sudoku.air
      UI SWF load is complete
      UI initialized
      Unpackaging to C:\Documents and Settings\Max Zimet\Local Settings\Temp\fla36.tmp
      unpackaging is complete
      application is bound to side-by-side version 1.0
      application is bound to this version of the runtime
      app id testAir.sudoku
      pub id D06E32132DB78D80D6B456CA8ACC502C885446A7.1
      Application not located
      Waiting for user confirmation
      User confirmed action: install
      creating native installer in: C:\Documents and Settings\Max Zimet\Local Settings\Temp\fla37.tmp
      native installer creation failed: [ErrorEvent type="error" bubbles=false cancelable=false eventPhase=2 text="Unhandled exception ArgumentError: Error #2015" errorID=2015]
      starting cleanup of temporary files
      application installer exiting

      Thanks for the help in advance.
      -Max Zimet