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    server event listening

      I have a multi threaded backend that generates some excel data and other assundry things. To this end I have a flex app that acts as a front end input into that system.

      Here is the run down of the system that is currently in opperation:

      At login from the flex application I get a RemoteObject from the system using webOrb's object system. That in turn makes an ipc call to an app server which starts an application. This newly started application the "Session" exposes an ipc channel with some remoted objects.

      The class WebClient (the remote object created by flex) retrieves the remoted objects from the "Session" and returns out.

      The Flex app then uses the webclient to access the "Session".

      Now pulling data and setting data is a simple process of calling methods and handling the async token.. super.

      How can I have the WebClient invoke a method on the flex side of the world.

      In .net I use a multi cast delegate that I serialize across the tcp / ipc channel. Is ther an equivalent type of sytem for flash remoting?

      I've been hunting around for about a day now, not really sure which direction I need to go in. Any help in this would be fantastic.

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          Jorlett32 Level 1
          Well if anyone is interested I think this solution may work, please correct me if I am missing something.

          These will be my objects:

          Flex Client
          WebClient (asp.net w/ web orb)
          ApplicationHandler (asp.net implements IConnection)
          AppServer (c# ipc remote channel)
          Session (c# backend engine)

          1: Login the flex client creates a remote object, call and handle method init for the web client
          2: Web client init opens an ipc channel and sends a message to the app server to start an instance of the session
          3: Session marshals out an event broadcaster and the session interface
          4: Web client grabs the session interface object and returns out (sending the async back to the flex client)
          5: Flex Client callback for init creates a net connection with the app handler object
          6: App handler object grabs the session's event broadcaster

          any time the flex client does an action that requires a multi threaded action
          1: use the web client data store methodology to send the reqeust to the session
          2: session creates thread and broadcasts a start message
          3: app handler recieves start message and sends the message to the flex app
          4: progress update from the threads on the session send through the handler to the flex app
          5: Session sends finish mesage
          6: flex app recieves finish through app handler and kills the progress dialog via the popup manager.

          does that sound like a good solution?