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    matching jpeg to raw file

      I have a catalogue with 1200 images edited down to 300. The files are jpegs and now my client wants high-res from all 300 images. Is it possible to match the jpegs to the RAW files without doing this manually ?
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          J McWilliams Level 4
          Are the RAW files in the catalog now? How did you "edit down"?

          Tip for future: do all your work on the RAW file in the first place, then Export JPEGs at whatever size or quality needed for Preview, then TIFF for finals, when culled down further.
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            I always work with jpegs because it is much faster this way while working on my laptop. OI usually only export a small number of full size tiffs once my client has made a selection. In this case however I have just found out my client needs full size tiffs from all the edited pictures ( I put the jpegs in one folder and raw files in another, importing only the jpegs ). I just wanted to find if there was any way of matching the file numbers from my jpegs to those of the raw files so that I could then import only the raw files I need without having to work through the entire edit in the raw folder.


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              J McWilliams Level 4
              Perhaps just dumping the RAW into the folder, synching, and then sorting by shoot time would do the trick?
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                john beardsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                If you have a list of file numbers, you can try pasting the list into a smart collection:

                Filename / Contains / 1234 4554 4554 5454