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    PowerBuilder freezing with Captivate 3

      I had the same problem when I bought Captivate 2 and followed this advice:

      Quit Adobe Captivate 2.
      Choose Start > Run.
      Type regedit and then press OK.
      Browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Adobe\Adobe Captivate\2
      Double click the string ExesToIgnoreClickEvent.
      Change the value from AcroRd32.exe|Acrobat.exe|PB105.EXE to AcroRd32.exe|Acrobat.exe|{my pb executable} and then press OK.
      Double click the string ExesToIgnoreShowFocusLocChangeEvents.
      Change the value from PB105.EXE to {my pb executable} and press OK.

      Captivate 2 works fine after having made these changes. I downloaded the trial version of Captivate 3 last week to see if it's worth upgrading and my PowerBuilder app locks up with the very first click (with Captivate 3 recording) even though I've changed the file info as described above.

      Any other advice?