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    Flex Compiler API Issue: Error: unable to open './flex-config.xml'

      1) I make a java struts(or a servlet) to build swf file dynamically when receiving the request from client. The struts source code please see the attached code. deploy the structs to the Tomcat
      2) then copy the <Flex_SDK>/frameworks to the <tomcat_home>/webapps/dozhang/WEB-INF

      3) then copy the all the libraries under the <Flex_SDK>/lib to the <tomcat_home>/webapps/dozhang/WEB-INF/lib

      4) Copy a test a.mxml to c:\

      5) Start up Tomcat , access the structs, I will get the Error: unable to open './flex-config.xml' in the tomcat log.

      Can anyone tell me how to specify the location of the flex-config.xml ?