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    Connection problem

      This is to inform you that I think I am not pleased with Contribute 3.11 - it seems more problematic than former versions. I had to reconnect more than two web sites as administrator. The users with their own web sites had to call me occassionally to let me know they had the connection errors whenever they accessed to maintain their sites. I had to verify the websites and found several sites with red that means not connected. Who told them not to connect? I had to redo the connection keys and had to enable the sites in order for connection again. Are there some bugs we should need to tweak or need to upgrade? I did not see any further upgrade after 3.11 version. Obviously this software is stinky! Not worth my time to work out on reconnecting all sites. Some users consider to quit the Contribute and want to work directly with FTP client. I may consider abou this possiblity. Sorry about this info and want you to be aware of this not good Contribute 3.