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    Relative Colorimetric vs Perceptual Rendering Query

      I'm experimenting with color spaces and rendering intent at the moment and did a little experiment.

      I took a photo from Lightroom and opened in Photoshop as 16-bit ProPhotoRGB TIFF. A lot of the image was outside the gamut of sRGB (darker greens, oranges and yellows in particular) and therefore I expected to see some differences when I converted it to sRGB using two different rendering intents. So I created two different files from this "master" using 'Convert to Profile'; one sRGB with ACE Relative Colorimetric Conversion Intent and a second with ACE Perceptual Conversion Intent.

      However, when I compare the two sRGB files in Photoshop, they are identical. I would be grateful if someone could help me shed some light on this - Why would they be identical!?