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    Why won't a 302 redirect to place a SWF with a "getURL" clickable element work in IE, but does in FF?

      I wasn't sure how to title this, haha, but here is the problem I am having with Flash.

      So I have a SWF banner, created in flash cs3 using AS2. The basic idea of this is to have it be a clickable banner which will send the user to a URL when they click on it. I have created it so that you need to pass in the parameter of "clickURL=<url goes here>" to give it the URL to send the user to.

      Now, I've "hooked it up" for work with a 302 redirect. What I mean by this, is on the page I place the the object/embed tags to place the SWF, only the URL for the swf is "banner_redirect.php?param=junk&url=3", where the number for the URL will determine which value will be used for <url goes here>.

      This works just fine in firefox, but when I use it in internet explorer (6, 7, or 8) the url it gets sent to is undefined (as shown by the text box value - it's as though there was no value passed into for clickURL). I have added a simple text box to the SWF to display what the value for clickURL is, and in IE the value is "undefined", but in FF the value is what ever value it is assigned to by the banner_redirect.php.

      here is the sample page, which also has all the source code (and the FLA for the banner):

      I have spent 2 days on this, and the only thing I can see is that IE is not handling the 302 redirect the same way FF is (and/or is dropping off the ?clickURL parameter when sending back the address for the SWF in the redirect).

      anyone have any insight into this??? thanks in advance!!!