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    Hyperlinks misbehaving in Firefox

    Gale Bulkley
      Last week, when I was having a similar sort of difficulty, I applied a RH patch that fixed a number of issues that were experienced with the TOC in FireFox.

      Sample TOC

      Chapter 2
      Topic 1
      Topic 2
      Topic 3

      In some other topic, outside of Chapter 2, there is a hyperlink to Topic 2. All hyperlinks were created in the RH interface, using the default attribute for Display in frame. When testing in Firefox, clicking on the link to Topic 2 results in a brief glimpse of Topic 2, followed by a jump to the page for Chapter 2. This happens with in other chapters as well.

      This does not happen with every hyperlink to Topic 2, but it does happen often enough for users to complain. It also seems to have something to do with being the first hyperlink clicked in a help session.

      Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks, Gale