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    File Name Associations Drop Out When Changing Project Name

      Posting on behalf of a colleague. He's using Robohelp X5 on a Windows XP computer.

      "We have frequent occasions in which we must take an existing online help project (ABC_001, for example), make some tweaks/additions/omissions, and release a revised online help project (ABC_002). We have been cloning the existing help project (ABC_001), renaming the project, making the necessary changes to the help project, adding or deleting map IDs in .hh files as necessary, importing revised .hh files as necessary, and then releasing the project under the new name. We want to maintain map ID numbers and assignments (25ANG1, Map #: 640, File name: Synchronism Check#25ANG1) from ABC_001 to ABC_002, but the File name associations drop out when we change the project name. It is then a laborious process to go through the list and reassign all the topics to the appropriate File names. Is there any way to maintain topic labels with their map ID numbers and their File name associations from one project to another?"