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    Stop actionscript cumul

      First, thanks to appologize my english

      I've got a flash menu with tooltip made with the code join to this topic.

      When we clic on the menu, it's going farther in the animation to an another menu. When we close the second menu, and go back to the first, the code reloading and generate a "bug" (two tooltip for exemple).

      How can we do to not reload the code ? or erease the first ?
      Thanks for your help !
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          Devendran Level 1
          You are trying to swap the infobulle_mc

          So you should use its Parent's getNextHighestDepth not the same movie's highestDepth, that will return same value always (If nothing attached)

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            logeye Level 1
            If you are going to start dragging onRollOver, how can you onRollOut of the movie clip since you still are dragging it?
            If you onPress to stop dragging, aren't you still in the onRollOver mode?? Does this code ever stop dragging? Does it ever go invisible after you Roll Over the mc?
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              Mybarbara Level 1
              For me, when onPress I stop dragging, the onRollOver mode is desactivate.
              I don't see the tooltip farther. End when i'll back at the begining of the movie, there 's 2 tooltip appear and one sometime freezing...
              Maybe an example is better than words...
              The menu