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    dynamic comboBox in a dataGrid?

      i have a dataGrid that starts out blank. When a button is clicked, it populates based on the contents of a few components.

      The 3rd column needs a comboBox. I need the following behaviors:
      1-when the button is clicked, this populates with the text values in a certain text field.
      2-under certain circumstances, i need to be able to add and subtract from this comboBox.

      i have read this:
      http://blog.flexmonkeypatches.com/2008/02/18/simple-datagrid-combobox-as-item-editor-examp le/

      but it looks like the comboBox in that example has fixed values. How can i dynamically alter the values in
      these comboBoxes? i have the comboBoxes in the dataGrid component, but i can't figure out how to access their