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    Problems with network timeouts

    Zy Forever
      We are running CF 8 on a VPS and have recently switched CF hosting companies because the first one could not solve our problem. Now the second one is also unable to solve it. One part of our system offers files as big as 20Mb or larger for download. I control the download with cfcontent. Up until about 3 months ago, we had no problems. Then our users started getting Network Timeout and Connection Timeout errors. Our present ISP says that he believes users accessing other CF portions of the site are timing out when other users are downloading these big files. The solution he suggested was for us to use an ASP template to do our downloads so that CF would not freeze up and cause timeouts.

      My feeling is, come ON, use ASP to solve a problem that a language as important as CF 8 can't solve? There must be a solution here, but we're at wits end to find it. Any solutions anyone may have would be greatly appreciated.
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          scottcook Level 1
          I have people making large downloads too of files that are created on the fly but I cannot tell if you are doing the same or simply offering up static files. Our infrastructure changed a bit and people were getting dropped after maybe 5 minutes into their download and of course they would kick off another. CF will continue to process the dropped request and the next dropped request, etc. I'm wondering if that's happening here. I put a CFFLUSH tag in and the download starts sooner and keeps the connection active. Not sure if this would help you.
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            Zy Forever Level 1
            Hi Scott,

            This particular application is an online university. Some of the courses come with large meditation mp3 files. That's where our ISP suspects the problem is. I'm willing to try anything at this point. Where did you place the cfflush tag in relation to the cfheader and cfcontent?

            Thanks for answering,

            P.S. I looked up cfflush in the docs and here's what worries me: "Because the cfflush tag sends data to the browser when it executes, it has several limitations, including the following: Using any of the following tags or functions on a page anywhere after the cfflush tag can cause errors or unexpected results: cfcontent, cfcookie, cfform, cfheader, ...." So, if your apps are working, it would be critical to know where you place the cfflush tag in relation to the cfcontent that transfers the file. Also, do you use only one cfflush? And if you specify an optional interval attribute, what do you use?